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I saw this post on Julie’s blog a while back. At the time I was in the market for a new book to read and I liked the concept of a virtual book club. I have seen a few around the web, so I decided it was time that I try one too.

Plus, my wonderful mother had just enlightened me to the wonders of my Boston Public Library card. This is slightly ironic, as I was the one that let her borrow my card so she could read e-books on her Kindle. I had never actually taken advantage of this feature though.

Since I really didn’t want to buy a book, {because novels seem like a lot of money for something I am only going to read once}, I decided to checkout the features of the BPL.

The PBF May Book Club e-book was checked out and there were 9 people waiting for 1 copy. Sad smile But wait! Then, I saw that there was an audiobook version available for download. Hmmm…that sounded interesting. I decided to download it and see what this audiobook deal was all about.

Oh my goodness. I loved it! It was so easy to download right to my iPhone, using the OverDrive Media App. I plugged it into the audio jack in my car and voila! The book was so good, I listened to it everywhere I went. Traffic no longer seemed so miserable.

I even listened at night before I fell asleep. {The app has a sleep timer, so you can set it to read to you for a set amount of time.} I am so glad I discovered audiobooks. I downloaded several more to keep me company on my trip to Lake Tahoe. Ingenious. Smile

Note: Some audiobooks are only available in .wmv format {vs. mp3}, which means you have to download the ODM software onto your computer, download the audio book to your computer, and then transfer the files to your iphone/ipad/ipod.

This seemed kind of annoying at first, but then I realized that now I have these books on my ipod indefinitely, so I don’t need to have them completely read in the 14 day lending period. {With the app, the borrowed e-book/audiobook just disappears when your time is up.}

Okay, now that this post was so long…I’m saving the actual book review for later!

Do you borrow books electronically?? Have you tried audiobooks before??