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I was going to write up a lovely recap of my weekend in Lake Tahoe, but then I realized that I don’t have too much to say. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful weekend. {Note: I clearly started this post well over a week ago, I apologize for the delay…but if you’ve been reading a while, you are probably used to this!}

My trip involved multiple hikes, good food and drink, lively conversation, and lots of beautiful scenery. Not much more to say than that! I think the pictures say it all.

So instead, I thought I would toss in a fun little survey for you all!

Current Book:

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max

Current Music:

Luke Brayan, probably because I’m going to see him in August at the NYS Fair!

Current Guilty Pleasure:


Napping at the pool. Hey, I have to enjoy it while it lasts!

Current Nail Color:

My toes are silver. My fingers are always plain. Smile

Current Drink:

Instant iced tea! I just learned that if I make a small cup of tea, the pour it over a giant cup of ice, you get instant iced tea. Perfection.

Current Food:

Frozen Yogurt. It’s so good!

Current Favorite Show:

Army Wives. Makes me cry nearly every week!

Current Wish List:

A fancy food processor.

Current Indulgence:

Dark chocolate. So yummy!

Current Blessing:

Having an amazing job!

Current Outfit:

A flowing, black skirt with a turquoise, sparkly top. Plus flip flops of course.

Current Excitement:

Zach will be here in 4 DAYS!!! ZACH IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!


What are you up to currently?? Answer any/all of the above!