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Welcome to part three of my cross-country trip series. Check out part one and two, if you missed them!

After Vegas, we were all-set to go the Grand Canyon. However, on the way, we came across the exit for the Hoover Dam. Zach we decided it was worth a quick stop. I was a bit confused at first, but it was pretty impressive!


We stayed in the “oldest hotel in Arizona”.


This was kind of cool, considering that people like John Muir and the Vanderbilts stayed in the same rooms. What I failed to figure out before I booked the Grand Canyon Hotel, was that despite its name, the hotel was 60 miles from the actual Grand Canyon.

Oops! It was a bit of a pain to drive back and forth, but made a good joke for the rest of the trip.

“Hey babe, this hotel in Nashville looks like a great place to stay for the Grand Canyon.” Love you too honey!

It was totally worth the drive though. I mean, check out this pictures!










We walked 1.5 miles down the canyon. So cool! Coming back up in midday heat was definitely not our smartest idea. Maybe someday we will go back and walk all the way to the Colorado River {I think it’s about 7 miles}. That will have to be a multi-day trip and this girl needs some more back-country experience before that can happen!

One thing I really loved about this national park was the spring water stations throughout the trails. We were able to refill our water bottles for free at the start of each trail, and even a mile down the canyon. Two thumbs up for that!



If you ever have the chance, I definitely recommend the Grand Canyon!

What is one place on your bucket list that you really want to visit??