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If you’re catching up, checkout part one, two, and three of my cross-country trip experience. After one night in Vegas and two in the Grand Canyon, we were ready to put some serious miles on the car.

On day four of our epic trip we drove 900 miles {!!} to Oklahoma City. Day five included 600 miles to Nashville. Day six: 300 miles to Long Island. (No, I don’t live anywhere near Long Island/NYC; we had a small detour for my cousin’s wedding.}

I don’t have all too much to report about these days, as they were spent mostly in the car. I tried to take pictures of each state sign when we entered, but I may have been napping during a few. We ended up getting all of them, except Maryland {we never saw it?!}, one way or another.

States Collage

Please note: I took Arkansas’ picture looking out the rear window, seconds after taking Tennessee’s. I thought that was cool!

In Oklahoma City, we stayed just off Route 40 in a decent Days Inn. It was convenient and I got to eat Cracker Barrel for dinner!

Scary Hotel Tweet

In Nashville, we stayed in an Econo Lodge on the Northeast side of the city. A word to the wise: avoid this place! I typically don’t publicly provide negative feedback, because I like to give places the benefit of the doubt, but seriously. It wasn’t clean or comfortable, it was in a sketchy area, there were no healthy/decent food options, and the hotel staff was creepy to say the least.

Unfortunately, the hotel experience kind of ruined Nashville for me. We did check out Century Park and see the only life-size replica of the Parthenon. Then we drove past the Country Music Hall of Fame and the down-town area. I really wanted to walk around downtown but we weren’t able to find parking. I may have overreacted at this point, had a small meltdown, then missed the exit to see the Grand Ole’ Opry. I ended up giving up and going back to the hotel where I slept off my crankiness.

The good news is that the Howard Johnson in Chevron, MD {just north and east of DC} was much nicer. They were having guest appreciation night when we arrived, which included a complimentary dinner. I had already eaten at Panera <3, but Zach is always up for food and ate a second dinner. It looked good!

I volunteered to drive us to Long Island since I knew that there would be a good deal of traffic going through the city. Zach drove 90% of the trip up to this point, and I know he feels about traffic the same way I feel about the middle of nowhere, so it was only fair.

I’ll be back tomorrow with details on the last stop of our trip and my homecoming!

What’s the worst hotel experience you have had??