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Hey, it’s a valid question. But first, I need to share this delicious summer smoothie recipe with you all. It’s healthy and has some serious staying power. For more protein value, you can substitute Greek Yogurt.

Summer Smoothie

Seriously, try this. It’s easy and delicious. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Summer Smoothie
– Orange juice for base
– 1/2 cup pears
– 1 banana
– 6 oz. peach yogurt
– 1 tbs. of peanut butter


Last week, I stopped by the local gym in town to renew my membership for a month. A disadvantage of rural living is that certain amenities {read: Crossfit} are not as readily available around every corner. Fortunately, I am moving much closer to a crossfit gym next month. In the mean time, I just have to make due.

My first couple of workouts at the gym were a mish mash of whatever I felt like. I hadn’t worked out in nearly 3 weeks and wanted my body to re-acclimate with sweat. Plus, the gym underwent some major renovations while I was away, and I wanted some no-pressure time to check out all the new toys.

Yesterday, I began to crave some serious structure for my workout. I could have looked up a WOD on Pinterest or something, but I decided to make up my own.

I started with a 15 minute warm-up on the spin bike. 

Then I did 3 sets of:
5 lat pulls/1 lat hang/10 squats
10 pushups/10 sit ups

I worked a bit on my lunges as well. I completed 50 alternating lunges, while holding a 20# kettle ball. I also complete 50 transverse lunges using the TRX. I threw in a couple of 60 second planks as recovery between the lunges.

Here’s the fun part!

Ups and Downs WOD

I finished in 11:07. I’m not positive how much the bar weighed, but I think it was around 35#, possibly slightly less. With that estimate, I squatted 75# and push pressed 35# {just the bar}. It was a quickie, but toughie! I LOVED every minute of it!

Well, except for the part where there are a zillion mirrors and I had to see the ridiculous faces I make when lifting heavy. So not pretty.


Do you like working out with a mirror or no?

Usually, I am a fan of the mirror so that I can check my form. However, with crossfit, I got used to no mirrors and relying on how my body feels. Having a coach around at all times definitely helped too! 😉