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I love countdowns of all kinds. I think I actually like counting down more than I like the actual event sometimes.

Things I am currently counting down:

– days until we move into our apartment (22)
– days until Zach’s birthday (5)
– months until apple picking season (3)
– workouts left this week (1)

Since I love countdowns so much, I decided to make a countdown WOD. For some reason, I always think that these are going to be so much faster than they really are. This one took me a solid 45 minutes to complete. {There may have been frequent rest periods for me in this WOD…}

Countdown Friday

I have no idea why I decided to put 70 burpees in this workout. I mean, I hate burpees. It’s not even love-hate, just hate. So I may or may not have only done 35 burpees…

I tried to break them into sets of 10, then sets of 5. I even went on with the WOD, promising to go back and do a few more after each exercise. I got to 35 and then decided that my workout was dragging on far too long and that I had tortured myself enough. I added in 35 mountain climbers to make up for the missing burpees.

Lesson learned: next time I make myself a WOD, don’t add more than 40 burpees!!

Overall, it was a good workout that left me a hot and sweaty mess!!

Other things I did today:

– bought a bed.
– bought a couch.
– bought dining set.
– bought a BJs membership.
– bought a lamp for $7

….anyone seeing a trend here??

And because it’s Friday and I love games, which couch do you think I bought??

1. Massive with crazy pillows

Couch 1

2. Conservative and comfy

Couch 2

3. Bang for the buck

Couch 3


What do you think I bought?? Which one do you like??

What are you counting down to??