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Happy Fourth of July!!

The fourth of July was simple and quiet over here. I spent the entire day on the couch/in bed taking a 3 hour nap.

Confession time: I started playing Candy Crush last night. I have been making fun of Zach for weeks now, but curiosity the boredom of being sick got to me. OMG, it is so addicting! I am stuck on level 33 and so frustrated. However, I refuse to be one of those people that makes facebook requests for more lives, so I’m stuck waiting 30 minutes for another life. Damn.

Breakfast: I made one of my all-time favorite breakfasts today. Pumpkin pancakes, with strawberries and honey.


{Disclaimer: this was really dessert once I decided to add the frozen yogurt, right after I snapped the picture. If we’re calling it dessert, it counts as a healthy one at least!}

I don’t have an exact recipe for you, but it’s super simple.

– Use your preferred pancake recipe*, but don’t add the liquid {milk of choice/water} yet.
–  Scoop some pure pumpkin into the batter and mix.
– Add liquid slowly until you reach appropriate pancake consistency.

Pumpkin pancakes are a bit trickier to cook. Turn the heat down a bit lower than normal, so the pancakes can cook evenly all the way through, without burning the faces.

Top with strawberries, and honey {and vanilla frozen yogurt} and voila! So delicious!

* For my pancake recipe I eyeball the following:

– flour
– dash of sugar
– applesauce {as an egg substitute}
– baking soda
– dash of salt cinnamon
– dash of vanilla
– almond milk {I used 2% today since we didn’t have almond}

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my exciting news!!


How did you celebrate Independence Day??