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It’s official, I can share! I am employed again!

I am working per diem for Little Lukes and Rehab Resources as a speech therapist!





My official start date as a per diem girl was almost two weeks ago, but I had my first day on Wednesday. Last week, the lovely Shannon called me to tell me about a pending deal at a skilled nursing facility {SNF}. She asked if I would be interested in working full-time hours at the facility.

Full-time? Heck yeah!

There hasn’t been a full-time SLP at the facility recently, so the caseload is currently non-existent. Over the next few weeks, I will be building a caseload from scratch. This is very cool and exciting, albeit a bit overwhelming.

Since this has been a primarily health/fitness blog, and not SLP oriented, let me better explain for those of you unfamiliar with my role in this type of facility:

As a SLP working in a nursing home, I work with residents who are at the facility for rehabilitation {short-term care} as well as long-term care. I evaluate residents’ swallowing, memory, attention, and cognitive abilities. In addition, I provide therapeutic services, ranging from monitoring to intensive rehabilitation, to improve swallowing, attention, memory, and other cognitive skills.

I do have some clinical experience in nursing facilities, but have primarily worked in pediatric and school settings. This will take a bit of getting used to, but I am certainly excited about the opportunity.

In addition, I have just one week left until I finish my clinical fellowship. In other words, I will be fully licensed as a M.S. CCC/SLP very soon!! Cannot wait!

And with that…I’m off to work!


What is your new job advice for me??