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Hmmph. This might be a long, confusing post, but I need your advice, so please stick around and share your thoughts.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing on the blogosphere most days.

This is very unlike me. I nearly always have a plan. More accurately, I nearly always have at least 10 plans. I am super organized 95% of the time. However, beyond my attempt to post at least 3-4 times per week, this blog is most often plan-less.

I consider this blog to be a “healthy living blog”. But does that mean I am limited to only sharing about my healthy {or not so healthy} eats and fitness? Because that seems too narrow for me. I get bored with those topics and then don’t post.

But if I post about all sorts of things, like speech therapy, kids, family, life in general, is it too broad? I won’t be bored, but do my readers who read for workouts care about my adjustment to living with a boy and a 5 year old? Will readers who want to know my special needs parenting tips care about pumpkin pancakes?

I guess what it comes down to, is what do I want to write about? It’s not like I have 5000 readers. I’m lucky if I have 50 people who read this blog regularly. But that’s probably a topic for another day. The purpose of my blog is not to make my readers happy. If I’m doing this for someone else, then it’s not my hobby anymore, it’s work. And that’s not the goal.

So after all this babbling, what I’m saying is, you might start seeing some more posts that are not necessarily food/fitness oriented. After all, Ready.Set.Breathe: A Balancing Act, is about balancing all aspects of my life. And everything together makes a healthy lifestyle, not necessarily just what I eat and how I sweat. 


No question. Just share your thoughts please.