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Yesterday, I babbled my way through a post to share that I am thinking about expanding the content included in my posts. I have some other blogger aspirations as well:

– explore wordpress.org and the idea of self-hosting
– get an actual domain name without .wordpress
– guest post for other bloggers
– be a contributing blogger on a website
– increase my readership
– increase my twitter followers

Obviously, blogging is not my full-time job, or even my part-time job, nor do I plan for it to be anytime in the near future. Honestly, blogging isn’t necessarily at the top of my priority list most days. Somehow having a family, working, seeing friends, cooking, and cleaning takes up most of my waking day.

I know if I put more time and effort into my blog, I could be more successful. If I knew where to prioritize my online time, I would be more successful. This is where I need your help! My ultimate goal is to share my knowledge/advice/funny stories/ridiculousness with as many other people as possible. I am willing to do the work, I just need some direction.

But where do I start? What is the most important aspect to focus on? I know that developing and maintaining a blog is not easy. I have read dozens of “newbie blogging tips” and they are all helpful. What they don’t say is if you only have x amount of time, what do you do first?

I try to remember that the most important aspect of blogging as a hobby, is to keep it a hobby. To not get obsessed with numbers. To not be super competitive with others. Easier said than done.

One thing I have learned over my whole 24 years of experience at this life thing is that it’s okay to ask for help. When you have done some research, and are willing to listen to advice and put in the work, most people are happy to share their knowledge.

So now I’m asking for yours…

How do you connect with others? What is your most useful blogging tip?