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When I left Los Angeles, I was heart broken to leave my dream job and my crossfit box. Crossfit Synapase will forever hold a special place in my heart. The first time I walked in, I almost turned around and walked right back out, but I am SO GLAD that didn’t happen.


It took time for the coaches and the box to grow on me, but what I learned in my 4 months there is the foundation for everything I do at my new box. I cannot thank Jimmy and Allison for focusing so much on my form!!

{Source: CFShockwave FB group}

In efforts of full disclosure, I picked an apartment based on its proximity to a crossfit box. I chose Crossfit Shockwave purely for its proximity to my home. There are several boxes in the area, and I hope to check them all out one day! {Maybe even during a competition…?!}

Crossfit Shockwave is a fairly new box; I believe they first opened their doors in April 2013. Before I give a full review of the box, I have to say that the coaches are great. I feel supported but also pushed = perfect combination.


– The box is so much bigger than my old one! There is always tons of room.
– AC. Not that it does much when you’re working your ass off anyway, but still, it’s nice.
– The classes are typically smaller, which makes for more 1:1 attention and support.
Wodify. I need to do a full-post on the awesome-ness of this app! The WOD is posted and you track all your workouts online. Super easy!

Cons {to me at least}:

– I miss the super competitive atmosphere and having elite athletes at the box. I definitely push myself harder when there is more competition.
– Along the same lines, I miss having athletes be able to spot me and consistently offer me advice. There are a lot more beginners here, which is awesome in itself…but it makes for a different atmosphere.


Overall, I like my new box very much! I am looking forward to getting to know more athletes and making new friends! I miss Synapse for sure and I feel like I am always talking about them. Either that’s a good thing or it makes me super annoying…not sure?


Have you ever changed gyms or boxes? Was it emotional or am I just a weirdo??