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Last night, I had the honor to run in the #BostonStrongLA event. All across the country (and even a few international cities I believe!), runners laced up their shoes to run in honor/memory of the victims and all those affected by last week’s tragedies.


It wasn’t a race, it wasn’t for time, it wasn’t even for distance. This race was about reflection, healing, and finding peace. I didn’t write much about my personal reflections, but this was something that hit close to home for me. If you watched the news at all last Friday, the news crew was stationed in front of Town Diner in Watertown. Many a time, I went to that diner for coffee while I did my laundry across the street. Yeah.


Julie Weiss came out to kick off the event with us. She ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise over $200,000 for pancreatic cancer. Incredibly inspiring and motivating. Please go check out her blog, as she has a beautiful story to share.


Melissa and I drove down to Venice Beach and ran maybe half of the 5k together. She slowed down to walk for a minute and I decided I wanted to keep going. Running has always been a way to let go for me. It was nice to have a few minutes to lose myself in the run. Also, I need all by breath for breathing and it’s hard to talk.


Beyond the amazing spirit at the event, it was also a gorgeous & scenic run. I mean, an icon view of the Santa Monica Pier at sunset. Incredible. Note: I took the picture on the left; Melissa edited it to the picture on the right using the Camera+ app for the iPhone. Pretty amazing what that little phone can do huh? I’m thinking I need to invest (the whole $0.99) in this app?


Did you run for Boston? Thoughts & Opinions on the Camera+ app?